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Master CNC machinist, entrepreneur, novice writer, and Mensan.

San Diego Mensa Scholarship Chair 2015-2017
San Diego Mensa Development Officer 2015-2018

Extraverted or Introverted Preference

Extraverted and Introverted are opposite preferences. A person’s natural tendency toward one will be stronger than the other. Extraverted (E) Extraversion is a preference to focus on the world outside the self. Extraverts enjoy social interactions and tend to be … Continue reading

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MBMS Science Olympiad Hovercraft Event 2016 – 2017

  We’ve been fighting the issue of our hovercraft wiring harness overheating and burning up. Many solutions were tried but did not solve the problem. The electrical flow going through the harness was about 18 amps… that far exceeded the … Continue reading

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MBMS Science Olympiad Hovercraft Project 2016-2017

  This is just a quick outline of how I put together a prototype hovercraft for the MBMS Science Olympiad. The prototype is made from PVC foam board, 0.125 in thickness. The example pictures are done in light poster board … Continue reading

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Cool video! Enjoy!

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Hobby and special projects…

Here are a few examples of craft projects and other items I’ve done. This is a license plate I machined using MasterCam to generate the program. It’s machined from 6061 aluminum and and painted glossy black. The machined logo (Mensa) … Continue reading

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How Some Fellow Mensans View Mentioning IQ…

Obviously I’m not alone in my ongoing dilemma as to when, if at all, to mention my membership in Mensa. It always felt a bit awkward, and maybe I dreaded the possibility, that someone would think me pretentious or an … Continue reading

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How life on Earth started…

This is a wonderfully informative and well done video explaining the formation of Earth and how life here began. Enjoy!  

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Orlando Shooting

On June 12th, 2016… Omar Mateen went into a gay bar in Orlando, Florida and killed 49 people… wounded another 53. Mateen was a registered democrat and a muslim. But do you think the media and our illustrious president called … Continue reading

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Could this be a possibility?

This election cycle, for lack of better words, has been very unusual. Sure, both Parties are consumed by the typical infighting we’ve all become accustomed to seeing, but there’s also a growing undercurrent at work here. I remember the days … Continue reading

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Our universe is amazing!

Everyday things we tend to take for granted… the warmth of the sun, our own moon, and even the jewelry we wear. All of these things are the result of physics that started billions of years ago and is continuing … Continue reading

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