Hobby and special projects…

Here are a few examples of craft projects and other items I’ve done.

This is a license plate I machined using MasterCam to generate the program. It’s machined from 6061 aluminum and and painted glossy black. The machined logo (Mensa) was masked off to preserve the machining tool path marks. The plate now adorns the front of my Audi Quattro A4.  🙂


A few years ago I was just sitting around, kind of bored. The thought occurred to me that I should build a combination bookshelf/wine rack to house some of my antiquarian books, and my small collection of wines. This shelf combination was the result.


After completing the shelf, it looked unfinished… something was missing. I needed something to adorn the top… I sketched out a rough idea of what I wanted to sculpt and then made a wire frame to form the foundation of the piece.


Finished piece.


Sometimes it’s just fun to create totally useless stuff. Here’s a hotdog roller for my BBQ grill.


My latest project (October 2017) is a plague doctor masque. Not quite finished but close…

Now the mask is completed!


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