Living stories

We are living stories. Our stories intertwine with others. And to the extent that we play an active part in the stories of one another, we’ll be remembered.  Over time, as the accumulation of those other living stories end, we are soon forgotten.

It has been said, ‘Life is for the living’.  I believe that. Sure, we can write about the lives of others, and in a way preserve the life of that person in print… but how do you really capture their essence?

Life is all about experiences. Its messy and complicated. Life can be both rewarding, and it can be full of despair. Don’t dwell too much on the negative aspects of the past. Look positively towards the future.

Live your life without regrets. You cannot undo the past, but you can learn from your mistakes. Strive to be a better human.

Welcome new friendships into your life and try mending any broken ones. Extend grace towards others, for you know not the battles they’ve faced. Enjoy the good times and share in the sorrows of your friends. Your legacy… your part in the greater story… should be how fondly you’re missed when your story in the book of life ends.

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