Always thinking…

It seems, even if my outward life is quite stable and consistent, my thoughts are always evolving. They’re constantly in flux. Why I believe the things I do and how I view my world are reevaluated on a regular basis. Recently, that reevaluation has preoccupied a good portion of my ‘quiet hours’… time that I take for myself after the responsibilities of the day are done.

I’ve always been amazed about the physical world around me. Learning leads to questions, and the subsequent answers, to ever more questions. It’s a vicious cycle. The complexities of our world and the makeup of our universe, in all of its awe-inspiring variations, are truly a wonder to behold. It’s easy to assign these wonders to an all powerful entity… God. But, is it… really? I mean, is there a God?


I believe in what is scientifically provable… what is logical. For me, in order for God to exist, God would have to be able to defy all the laws of physics during and after the Big Bang, more than 13 billion years ago. Also, it is estimated that there are 10 trillion galaxies in the universe… Why then, have we humans of Earth, been singled out by any God for ‘salvation’? And why humans? Why not another species? We’re just the latest in a long line of animals to exist on Earth. Were it not for the death of dinosaurs, humankind most likely would never have had the opportunity to rise up to become the dominant species currently at the top of the evolutionary food chain.

Something to ponder…

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  1. Good that you are evaluating, evolving, maturing. Hopefully your “progress” is in a spiral. When you come back around, you’re on a higher level, a more “enlightened” level. Don’t stop being curious, exploring, evaluating. I’m 75. I’m not the same person even one year ago.

  2. How do you know the Big Bang defies the laws of physics? The laws as think we know them are in flux. Perhaps this isn’t the only universe. Perhaps each black hole generates another universe. Perhaps each universe may have its own laws.

    God? How do you define God? Can our puny human brains ever begin to comprehend an entity which we label “God”? At best, perhaps we can just call him/her and originating creator. Einstein said that “all is energy.” Can we live with that? Does God have to personal?

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