Riding the political correctness crazy train.

Redefining what constitutes a marriage, a person’s sexuality, etc., etc., etc.


Political correctness running amok. It never seems to end. People throwing tradition to the wind and common sense is rarely used. What’s left are a bunch of dumbed-down and non-thinking morons. I realized a long time ago that you cannot reason with idiots. Even so, I feel the need to be Captain Obvious every once and a while by pointing out what should be no-brainers. It doesn’t matter if someone takes hormones and has their privates surgically altered… that person will always be a male or female. Their chromosomes will always be XX or XY. The only people in which this does not apply would be those who were born with XXY chromosomes. So stop perpetuating such ridiculousness by calling Bruce Jenner by his transsexual name,  ‘Caitlyn’ and referring to him as ‘she’ and ‘her’. Bruce is still a male. Just because you knock the nuts off his tree, does not make his tree a bush.

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