Intelligence and how it relates to the individual and interpersonal relationships.

What is intelligence? Intelligence is the ability a person possesses that allows them to logically, precisely, and quickly reason out solutions to problems. It is based upon their capacity to learn, understanding relationships (both factual as well as abstract), and to some degree… their genetics.

How does one’s intelligence relate to their handling of interpersonal relationships? People with similar IQ’s tend to deal with each other on the same intellectual plane. Its when the IQ’s are grossly mismatched, that miscommunication and misunderstandings tend to occur. For example, when someone of average intelligence is trying to communicate with an individual that has severe mental limitations, concepts and language must be lowered to the lowest common denominator. Words that convey direct thoughts and unambiguous meanings work best. Much the same is true when someone having a high IQ interacts with one with an average IQ. But that’s just my opinion….







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  1. Also take into account life experiences. We can grow up in the same family, read the same books, have similar IQs, apparently share the same experiences, but still we interpret words according to our own individual comprehension. What you say may not be what I’m hearing. I’m “interpreting” your communication according to my own individual understanding.

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