Pet peeves…

Pet peeves… we all have them. Here are some of mine…

RINOs: Either you’re a conservative or you’re not. Doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything but you should agree with most conservative values and hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights dear to your heart.

Conspiracy theorists: Ok, I think there’s some validity to some theories, but feel most are just crack-pots seeking attention. Hey, that’s just the way I feel.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Most people who hold certain ideas about both, have never really read or studied the language, much less understood, the concepts contained within. BTW, I dislike it when people view them as ‘Living Documents’.

Politically correct terms: Ok, now I’m probably going to offend some people with this one. ‘Illegal Aliens’ is a legal term used by the government to describe people here illegally… not ‘Undocumented Workers’. Another term is ‘African- American’. A hyphenated American is supposed to be a first generation American born to parents from another country. Obama is, by definition, an African-American. His children? They’re black. The term does not equate skin color. There are white African-Americans… went to school with one. Her parents were from South Africa. To assume the term is color based is to acknowledge one’s ignorance in the use of the word.
Balkanization: This is the separation of people into smaller exclusive groups. Canada nearly broke into three parts in the 1990’s over the French speaking and English speaking sides. We’ve allowed ourselves to become ‘Balkanized’ into smaller groups. We’re divided along racial, gender, economic, and sexual lines. How can we truly come together as Americans if we allow ourselves to become divided? It’s even harder if we’re so fractured within the Party.


There you have it… just a few of my peeves. Enjoy!

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  1. Ok, here’s one that bothers me to no end. People expecting things to be handed to them rather than actually working for or towards something. I can tell a lot about a person’s political view by their attitude and work ethic. The lazy and incompetent tend to be liberals… go figure. They tend to seek out jobs that require little motivation and low expectations (can we say gov’t jobs?).

  2. ‘Talking down’ or flat out being disrespectful. That one always gets me going. There’s no other easier way to start an altercation with me than to speak to me like I fell out of your butt. Doing so, will most likely result in the person doing it, to end up with a flat spot on their forehead.

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