What are RINOs, DINOs, and I don’t knows?

14 May, 2010 – 03:28 — Patrick

What are RINOs, DINOs, and I don’t knows?

RINOs are Republicans In Name Only.
DINOs are Democrats In Name Only.
I Don’t Knows are people who don’t really have any clue about politics at all.

Each political party has members within their ranks who don’t adhere to core party fundamentals. These members are probably better suited to run as Independents but hold on to their party designation for multiple reasons. This, in the long run, confuses the electorate.

RINOs populate the current Republican Party in massive numbers. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to John McCain, these RINOs are really liberals at worst and independents at best.

The RINO Schwarzenegger played at conservatism for several years but then capitulated when a lot of his state initiatives were defeated a few years ago. The California teacher’s unions were a major factor in those defeats. Since that time, Schwarzenegger has gone out of his way to distance himself from the Republican Party and cozy up with the liberals. His grab-ankles pandering really doesn’t surprise many of us since he is from a socialist country and married to a Kennedy too. It was always in his nature to support liberal socialists.

John McCain is another big RINO. He claims to be a ‘maverick’ and a Republican but is really nothing more than your typical lying politician. He co-authored the McCain-Feingold Act which is a direct infringement upon the 1st Amendment. He’s also in favor of granting amnesty for illegal aliens. For the life of me, I cannot understand how McCain can continue to call himself a Republican. Hopefully in November, the people of the great state of Arizona will throw him out of office for good.

DINOs. Prior to the late 1980’s, it was nearly impossible for a candidate to get elected in the Deep South if they carried an ‘R’ beside their name. This had a lot to do with the Deep South going through Reconstruction after the Civil War (War of Northern Aggression). Republicans were viewed as outsiders and carpetbaggers. So what happened in many cases, a conservative would run as a democrat as that was their only real chance of getting elected. These DINOs were also known as Blue Dog democrats. One of the most notable of these Blue Dogs is Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama. He finally became a Republican during Clinton’s term as President.

Lastly, we have ‘I don’t knows’. This group of people really don’t get into politics in any depth. Most of them are swayed by sound bites and public opinions. A large part of this group identifies with the political party of their close family members, having never given much thought as to why they believe in that particular party affiliation. We can see the same sort of odd allegiance in religious views too. Some may even claim they’re ‘independent’ when confronted because they cannot articulate their beliefs. Claiming independence is their way of not appearing ignorant to others. True Independents can discuss political ideals and hold their own in those types of debates.

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