Ask yourself…

In less than a month, Americans across the country will go to the ballot boxes, casting their vote for President of the United States. I challenge each of you to take a moment and reassess your core values… What you believe politically, spiritually, and personally. What makes you who you are and why? Where did you obtain the basis for your belief system? Do you really believe something based upon what your parents thought? Or, are they your own values?


People typically reflect the values, faith, and political leanings of their parents and/or close family members. If your parents vote conservatively, chances are that you will too. The same can be said of your religious faith (or lack thereof), and your personal values. How many of us actually take the time to assess what we believe and why? Just because your family adheres to certain spiritual beliefs, does that mean those beliefs are right for you?


Now take a look at the two candidates running for President. Look at what both bring to the table, so to speak. Which one is best qualified in terms of background, experience, integrity, etc. Which one best represents you and your values?

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