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Master CNC machinist/CNC programmer, entrepreneur, novice writer, and Mensan. San Diego Mensa Vice-President 2018 San Diego Mensa Development Officer 2015-2018 San Diego Mensa Scholarship Chair 2015-2017

Finding common ground

In the world of everyday interactions, it’s commonplace to have misunderstandings in communication. Lacking the social and facial cues that could be gleaned from face-to-face dialogue, emails and texts can be misconstrued depending upon the recipient’s frame of mind while … Continue reading

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Mucking about

Quite often, I find myself bored to tears. My everyday life is filled with monotony. Things that hold my interest for any length of time, are hard to come by, so I tend to create things that occupy my time. … Continue reading

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The product of our choices

We’re constantly bombarded with ‘poor pitiful me’ stories from the media outlets, to include social media. Sure, bad things do happen to good people, but I really do believe that the primary reasons why those ‘bad things’ happen, are a … Continue reading

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The pathway ahead…

It was dark. The pathway ahead was faintly visible and the ground felt soft, absorbing my footsteps as I passed over it running. The air was cool and damp from a recent rain. At first, running was easy. A slight … Continue reading

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Just because…

Just because someone is highly intelligent, doesn’t mean they won’t make stupid decisions. Many moons ago, I owned a tile setting company in the Deep South. The homes I would lay tile in were owned by well-to-do people. These were … Continue reading

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The IQ bell curve

  This is a difficult topic to write about. The general population is somewhat squeamish on the subject. The topic of IQ can be explosive. As with anything, IQ can be controversial.  The information is out there if people really … Continue reading

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Input = output

A question was recently asked in a Mensa based online group. It went something like this, “What does Group Name mean to you? What do you love? Why do you stay?” For obvious reasons, I won’t mention the group name… … Continue reading

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Interpretative dream?

Dreams are funny things. What purpose they serve, is debatable and speculative. A recent dream of mine, so rich in details, that it remained fresh in my mind for some time after awakening. That’s rarely the case for me. I’m … Continue reading

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People are funny. We’re often doing things the make other people scratch their heads and wonder ‘What the hell?’. One of the interesting types of people that humor me are what I call ‘mimics’. Mimics are simply defined as someone … Continue reading

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Monkeys shines!

It’s remarkable to think of all the funny happenings and stories that have punctuated many of the moments of my life. Comprised herein are some of those humorous moments. I was born six months to the day before the climax … Continue reading

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