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Master CNC machinist/CNC programmer, entrepreneur, novice writer, and Mensan. San Diego Mensa Vice-President 2018 San Diego Mensa Development Officer 2015-2018 San Diego Mensa Scholarship Chair 2015-2017


I’ve been an Audi enthusiast for many years. But, as any Audi guy knows, Audis can be problematic at times. That’s very true when it comes to clearing alarm codes on the more recent models. In my search, I’ve found … Continue reading

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Machining journals

Question: What is a machining journal? Answer: A machining journal is a daily log that records the many aspects of your workday in detail. I’ve used machining journals since the beginning of my career as a machinist. I cannot tell … Continue reading

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Learning to fit in…

Fitting in seems to happen so easily for the most person. Me, not so much. As an introvert, I don’t express my emotions with my face. My face tends to look the same if I’m happy or sad. It’s not … Continue reading

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Matching capabilities to oversight

I’ve been in the machining business for many years. During that time, I’ve worn many ‘hats’ in the industry, from being a machinist operator to owning a CNC machine shop. It has been my experience, that many times, shop supervisors … Continue reading

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Finding common ground

In the world of everyday interactions, it’s commonplace to have misunderstandings in communication. Lacking the social and facial cues that could be gleaned from face-to-face dialogue, emails and texts can be misconstrued depending upon the recipient’s frame of mind while … Continue reading

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Mucking about

Quite often, I find myself bored to tears. My everyday life is filled with monotony. Things that hold my interest for any length of time, are hard to come by, so I tend to create things that occupy my time. … Continue reading

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The product of our choices

We’re constantly bombarded with ‘poor pitiful me’ stories from the media outlets, to include social media. Sure, bad things do happen to good people, but I really do believe that the primary reasons why those ‘bad things’ happen, are a … Continue reading

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The pathway ahead…

It was dark. The pathway ahead was faintly visible and the ground felt soft, absorbing my footsteps as I passed over it running. The air was cool and damp from a recent rain. At first, running was easy. A slight … Continue reading

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“Above the Dirt”

Yesterday was very trying. Like most mornings, I laid there thinking of reasons to get out of bed. I did get up… my heart just wasn’t ‘in it’. I arrived at work a short time later and started my day. As … Continue reading

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Just because…

Just because someone is highly intelligent, doesn’t mean they won’t make stupid decisions. Many moons ago, I owned a tile setting company in the Deep South. The homes I would lay tile in were owned by well-to-do people. These were … Continue reading

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