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Master CNC machinist, entrepreneur, novice writer, and Mensan.

San Diego Mensa Scholarship Chair 2015-2017
San Diego Mensa Development Officer 2015-2018

The question was posed…..

The question was posed in one of my many ‘think’ groups recently. “What’s your opinion of how the world started?” That was somewhat erroneous, especially when the person asking the question was really referring to how the universe was created. … Continue reading

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Life has interesting twists….

  It’s been a lifetime… I was just a child, about seven years of age, back in 1976 when I left behind the country of my father. The story of why my family left the United States and moved to Colombia, … Continue reading

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Science Olympiad Project build – Hovercraft

It’s a new year and the Science Olympiad is starting to ramp up! I’ve noticed a fair amount of traffic on last year’s Science Olympiad posts. I’m assuming that, like me, there’s a lot of unknowns and questions when one … Continue reading

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What’s the point?

The conversation had returned to the question that had originally brought us together… “What’s the point?” Meaning, why does any of this matter? In the end, nothing we do really amounts to much. From the perspective of the individual, we’re … Continue reading

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What do you think about when you’re by yourself?

What questions come to mind when you’re alone? Are they based upon regrets? Joys? Or, just what’s currently going on in your day?

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Something to contemplate

  What is the purpose of our existence? Are we just the latest in a long line of organisms to have mastery over the Earth? Do we even matter? Evolutionary timeline: The universe, based upon the recession of distant galaxies, … Continue reading

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2017 American Mensa AG! FireHouse Special!

This year’s American Mensa AG is was held in Hollywood, Florida at the beautiful Diplomat Beach Resort. With nearly a thousand Mensans worldwide registered to attend this event by March, it was certainly shaping up to be a large party! … Continue reading

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San Diego Mensa uRGe 2017, aka “Nerd Camp” (26 May – 29 May)

The San Diego Mensa Regional Gathering kicked off today at 3 pm and runs through Monday, ending at 1 pm. The event is being held this year in Palm Springs, California. The event theme this year is “Midnight at the … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Blog Post Writes Itself…

Recently, I was talking to a co-worker about a picture I had run across on FaceBook. He thought it was funny and asked, ‘Are all of you guys crazy?’ ‘No’, I replied but then went on to expand upon my … Continue reading

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Misfit Toys

I’ve struggled with depression over the course of my life. There, I said it. Depression was something I had always regarded as a sign of being mentally weak. To counteract my depression, I pushed through it by ignoring the emptiness… … Continue reading

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