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Concerning the SCOTUS and gay marriage…

Here’s the deal. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, or get your kicks with little furry animals. The SCOTUS does not have the right to rule on the constitutionality of any law. They only have two powers… original jurisdiction … Continue reading

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Something to Ponder…

Political correctness permeates many aspects of our everyday lives. Incrementally, it has crept upon us in such a way as to render common sense and objective reasoning almost non-existent. Words and terminologies are thrown around without much thought going into … Continue reading

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Inside the mind of an INTJ.

I’ve been asked in the past by a few friends ‘How do you know all that stuff?’ and it’s usually followed by ‘What’s it like you be you?’ Huh? Are you serious? I’m me. I’m really no different than you. … Continue reading

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Crash and burn.

Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, resigned today. She’s been posing as a black woman for many years and her parents finally outed her. In her past, she’s complained about being a victim of racism … Continue reading

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Riding the political correctness crazy train.

Redefining what constitutes a marriage, a person’s sexuality, etc., etc., etc.   Political correctness running amok. It never seems to end. People throwing tradition to the wind and common sense is rarely used. What’s left are a bunch of dumbed-down … Continue reading

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