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It is widely accepted that the universe was created during what is known as the ‘Big Bang’ theory. Based upon the study of the oldest objects within the universe and how fast it is expanding, the age of the universe is calculated to be about 13.8 billion years old. Now comes the question… does the universe behave like a living organism? Is there a ‘life’ cycle to the universe? In other words, does the universe reach a point in which it slows down its expansion and the forces of gravity slowly cause everything to collapse upon itself… only to once again reach singularity (also known as the ‘Big Crunch) and then another ‘Big Bang’?


If it is true that the universe behaves like a living organism. birth… life… and then death, humanity has a definite end. Our sun only has another 5 billion years of life left. Colonizing other planets only allows the human species to outlive the lifespan of our sun. Our species obviously cannot outlive singularity.


Any thoughts?

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