Illegal aliens

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28 April, 2010 – 03:47 — Patrick

Illegal means just that… ILLEGAL!

I have no problem with anyone coming to this country so long as they do it legally. I don’t care how bad their home country is, if they have enough to eat, or just want to be in the United States to make themselves a ‘better life’. It just doesn’t matter.

There are millions of people in the world who want the opportunity to live here but must stand in line and wait their turn. So, why is it that the illegals already here, aren’t made to leave and get in the back of the line? Whys isn’t the federal government, especially Executive branch, upholding the law against illegal immigration? The simple answer to this question is that both political parties look at illegals as a potential voting block for their respective party. However insane that may sound, I’ll bet my last dollar that its most likely the reason.

The United States has always welcomed new people and those that came here tried to integrate into the American society. No so anymore. We’ve become a Balkanized nation. We’ve lost our common cultural identity and have come to define ourselves as hyphenated Americans. We need to re-establish our cultural identity again, purging those that would have us emphasize our differences instead of our strengths.

But I digress… Why should we expect illegal aliens to respect our laws, pay fines for being here illegally in the first place, and then grant them a ‘pathway to citizenship’ when they’ve shown no interest in abiding by our laws to begin with? I’m of the mindset that anyone here illegally should be afforded no constitutional protections. That should be afforded only to legal immigrants or visa holders. Those who employ illegal workers should be subjected to the RICO statutes and have their assets seized. That includes the little old lady who hires an illegal to mow her lawn, all the way up to the largest corporation doing business in the United States. Make no exceptions! Once the illegal aliens find that they are no longer employable, they’ll self-deport. Problem solved.

We have to look at several issues when addressing the illegal alien population. Those include free schooling, access to welfare benefits, the misuse of emergency rooms, infectious diseases, substandard housing accommodations, and a whole host of other societal ills. It has been estimated that an illegal alien, during the course of his/her stay in the United States, costs the American taxpayer approximately $56,000. That’s over and above what little they may pay in taxes, etc. Now multiply that figure by 9-12 million illegals. That’s a mind-boggling sum of money! And we wonder why the states and this nation is so damned broke!

Call me ‘mean-spirited’ if you like, I don’t care, but we must address this issue of illegal immigration before we cease to be a nation with recognizable borders. If I had my way, there would be a DMZ along both our borders and the rights guaranteed by our Constitution would be suspended within it.

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