Huh? Useless trivia and what-not.

Q: What’s the difference between a cannon and a mortar?

A: A cannon is used to shoot at an obstacle, such as a wall or other fortifications. A mortar is used to shoot over walls and other fortifications.


Q: What’s the difference between scissors and shears?

A: Scissors are 6 inches or shorter in length while shears are over 6 inches.


Animal groupings…

Ordinary birds are a flock.

Geese on land are a gaggle.

Porcupines are a prickle.

Dragonflies are a cluster.

Owls are a parliament.

Platypus are a puddle.

Crows are either a coven or a murder of crows.

Dolphins and whales are a pod.

Crocodiles and alligators are a congregation.

Butterflies are a flutter.

Kangaroos are a mob.

Lemurs are a plot.

Squirrels are a squad.




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  1. patrick says:

    Squirrels make nests out of twigs and are called a ‘drey’.
    Badgers live in underground chambers known as a ‘sett’.
    Rabbits live in burrows known as a ‘warren’.
    And river otters live in burrows in a riverbank known as a ‘holt’.

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